Demo Video - Functionality

Hello, Is there a video available that shows the functionality of the device out of the box? I’d like to learn more before considering a purchase.

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That’s a great request! I will be posting a video in the next day or so showing the unPhone running meshtastic. I’ll try to do another one showing the full functionality.

If there is anything particular that you’d find helpful to include just say!

Hi and although it doesn’t show off all the unphone can do I’ve made a video here:

Better ones coming soon!

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PS other stuff that it does:

  • support the Adafruit featherwing standard for adding any of ~50 other boards
  • all the WiFi and bluetooth wonders of the ESP32 (S3)
  • runs LVGL as a full colour touch UI if you ask it nicely

But note that it is a maker and hacker tool, so you’ll most likely need to program it or at least reflash with something like Meshtastic before getting it to do stuff that fits your particular use case.

There are various examples here.