915 MHz antenna performance

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any experiences to share with using the unPhone with LoRA in the US on the 915 MHz band. From previous posts, I understand this should work but the antenna is tuned to the 868 MHz European LoRA band, so performance might be degraded.

I’ve asked a few weeks ago but I’m asking again today because the unPhone is back into stock and I’m seriously considering getting one, if it works decently well with LoRA here in the colonies.

Thanks in advance!

Hello and the honest answer is that we aren’t sure how well the internal 868MHz antenna will work at 915MHz. The radio chip can support both frequencies but it’s the antenna part we don’t have any experience of.

We’ve sent some boards to developers in the states and they should arrive any day soon, so I expect we will have some real world experiences to pass on soon.

Hope that helps!